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The CraftBook website grew out of my interest in the Arts and Crafts Movement. The site features articles written by myself on a range of topics, including arts and crafts, creativity, mythology, sustainability and minimalism. You might like to try a quiz to test your knowledge of the Arts and Crafts Movement. I have also added a page listing some useful tools and resources. If you are struggling to find motivation these famous quotes might provide you with some inspiration.

How To Become Simply Creative

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  • Stages of Creativity
  • Minimalism and Design
  • The Human Condition
  • Mythology and Storytelling
  • Creative Arts and Crafts

Creativity has been described as a spark or moment of sudden insight or realisation. Some consider creativity to be a rare gift, possessed by a talented few, but we can all benefit from developing our creative thinking skills.

Creative thinking can benefit people involved in activities ranging from the arts to science and business. However, the demands of daily life can make it difficult to find the time and space that are conducive to entering into a creative state of mind. Some people who have been told that they are not creative might also fail to recognise the creative potential within themselves and the opportunities for personal growth that could bring them.

The landscape of our mind is formed from experiences, memories and the perception we have of ourselves, other people and the world. We can also fill our mind with information that will enrich our inner world, expanding our knowledge and imagination, leading to ideas that entertain or inspire others and new discoveries or inventions. Reading How To Become Simply Creative might help you to further develop your own creative potential.