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Writing Books

Writing in a way that engages with readers is difficult and doing so throughout the many pages of a book can be a considerable challenge. Developing the writing skills required to achieve this involves study and practice. However, it is something that most people can learn to do, if they are prepared to invest the time and effort needed.

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Publishing Books

The growth of self-publishing has enabled many people around the world to realise the dream of seeing their words in print. In addition to well written text, you will also need a correctly formatted manuscript and sales could be boosted by a well designed book cover. Publishing your own book could bring you a sense of achievement, raise the profile of your work as an artist or craft maker and provide you with an additional source of income.

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Marketing Books

Word of mouth can sometimes lead to a book becoming a great success, both with its intended audience and a wider readership. However, regardless of how well written a book is, or the quality of the cover design, the vast majority of books will need to be effectively marketed. Doing so can be difficult, in a world where people are subjected to numerous marketing messages each day and have many choices for how to spend their time.

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Selling Books

People have many demands placed upon their limited time and money. Therefore, when selling your book, you will need to convince people that they should invest some of their time and money into buying and reading your book. You should also take steps to ensure that it is easy and convenient for buyers to complete a purchase and receive your book.

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