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Content within the CraftBook website includes articles that I have written and books that I have written and self-published. Topics explored in my writing include; arts and crafts, technology, sustainability, creativity and design.

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How To Become Simply Creative

Developing Your Creative Thinking Skills
Creative thinking has led to innovations that transformed the world and made some individuals and organisations hugely successful. Many business leaders place creativity at the top of the list of qualities that they look for in new employees. Developing your creative thinking skills might help you to find employment, build your career or attract clients and grow your business.

How To Become Simply Creative is a short book, which can be read in less than an hour. Topics explored include the nature of creativity and why some people appear to be more creative than others. There is consideration of how the way in which you think about yourself and the world, approach work and organise your life might help you to become more creative.

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Craft Your Own Book

A Guide to Self-Publishing
Many people would like to write and publish their own books. Prior to the growth of self-publishing during recent years, there was considerable difficulty involved in doing so. However, it is now possible for anyone who has a computer running suitable software and Internet access to self-publish.

Craft Your Own Book looks at the work involved in writing, publishing, marketing and selling your own books. It is a short book which can be read within a couple of hours and therefore only briefly covers relevant topics. However, it could help you to get started on your own self-publishing journey.

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Tools and Resources

If you are working from home, self-employed or a freelancer, you might be looking for tools and resources that could help you to become more productive. Although there are many available online, locating them can be time consuming. It can also be difficult deciding which will suit your particular needs.

Based upon my own experience, I have gathered together this list of twenty tools and resources. I make no claim as to their relative merits compared to alternatives, but have found them useful. Those that I have included are either open source and free to use, or available in both free and paid for versions.

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