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Every business has a story. When their story is well told and finds its audience, it can spread and help a business grow. Their story might involve the people that make the business a special place to work and the customers that they serve. Their story might be filled with wonderful products and services, describing how they benefit the people that use them.

I am a content writer, experienced in web design, marketing and writing about business technology. I can communicate complex information to a non specialist audience, helping a business to engage more effectively with their customers. Content on the CraftBook website includes articles that I have written and information about my self-published books.

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Craft Your Path To Success

The Business of Making Money Making Arts and Crafts
Growing numbers of people have been inspired to learn the skills needed to practice an art or craft such as painting, ceramics, woodwork or the making of textiles. Whilst some are content to enjoy an art or craft as a hobby, for others selling what they make has become an additional source of income.

Many people dream of starting their own business and an art or craft could provide them with an opportunity to do so. This book explores some of the elements involved in starting and running such a business, including; becoming self-employed, business planning, finances, marketing, pricing, sales and growing your business online.

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Island of Arts and Crafts

The Origins and Influence of The Arts and Crafts Movement
Changing technology during recent decades has altered the way in which millions of people live and work, leaving many feeling uncertain about their place in the world and the future of society. The Industrial Revolution was also a period of rapid change, during which the Arts and Craft Movement emerged in response to similar concerns.

This book provides an introduction to the Arts and Craft Movement, highlighting places and people of historic interest, or related to contemporary handmade arts and crafts. Other topics explored include the benefits of arts and crafts based therapy, the development of creativity and maintaining a healthy work life balance.

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Grow Your Small Business Online

Creativity, Technology and Sustainability
When you run a small business, there are many demands placed upon your time and money. With limited resources, it can be difficult attracting and retaining customers, whilst profitably delivering a product or service. Business owners are often unsure how to make the most effective use of the Internet to help their business grow.

This book provides an introduction to some of the factors that you should consider when planning your online business strategy, which could assist you during the decision making process. Topics looked at include website planning and design, content marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and selling online.

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