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Artificial Intelligence and The Rise of Stupid Machines

Are you afraid of artificial intelligence and robots? Are you concerned about their possible impact upon the employment prospects for yourself and your family? There is much discussion about potential opportunities and threats arising from the use of such technology. We cannot know what will happen during the decades ahead. However, the use of artificial intelligence is now a daily reality and effects the lives of billions of people across the world.Continue reading

How Mythology Can Change Your Life

Who am I and what is the purpose of my life are questions that people across the world have asked themselves and each other for thousands of years. You might have a vision of who you want to be and the life that you want to live, but feel unable to change your life. If you are an artist, designer or artisan, you might be struggling to develop your own personal style of self expression. If you are trying to establish a career or build a business, you might be attempting to set yourself achievable goals that you believe will lead to success.Continue reading

How To Develop Your Creative Thinking Skills

Do you want to become more creative? Would you like to know how you could develop your creative thinking skills? There are strategies that you can employ in your approach to activities you undertake and the organisation of your daily routine. You might find that your ability to solve problems and formulate original ideas improves.Continue reading

Predicting The Future of Technology

When you imagine the future of technology are you hopeful or fearful? Movies and books have portrayed versions of our future in both optimistic and pessimistic terms. The world we are living in now would have appeared like science fiction to previous generations. During the coming decades, technology will continue to transform how we live and work.Continue reading

Handmade Arts and Crafts In a Consumer Society

Do you know where and how the products that you buy were made? Would your perception of their value be influenced by them being handmade, rather than mass produced? Prior to the Industrial Revolution, everything we owned was either a product of nature or created by artisans, using skills that had been passed on from generation to generation, over hundreds of years. Do you think it is important to keep handmade arts and crafts skills alive? Could we learn from the Arts and Crafts Movement, as we try to build a more sustainable society?Continue reading

Minimalism and The Art of Living Simply

Do you feel overwhelmed by the many possessions that you have accumulated and the pressure to earn the money to buy yet more things? William Morris stated that everything we own should be either useful or beautiful. The ideas that he proposed more than one hundred years ago remain relevant to life in the twenty-first century, inspiring movements such as minimalism. They remind us to appreciate the quality of what we own, rather than focusing upon the quantity.Continue reading

Can We Become Sustainable Consumers?

When you think about the future and the well being of your family, you are likely concerned about pollution and climate change and the need for us to live more sustainably. You are probably also trying to cope with the challenges of daily life and find time to be with the people you care about and enjoy hobbies or interests.Continue reading

Good Design and Why Simple Is Difficult

How important is good design to you and how would you define it? You might have heard that content is king and substance more important than style, but when choosing between competing products or services how important is the way that they make you feel. Although they should deliver the results that we want, most of us appreciate beauty and enjoy using things that are easy to understand.Continue reading