This section features self-published non-fiction books, on subjects such as arts and crafts, creativity and design. You will find links to pages describing the content within each book, some of which can be purchased online. There are also ebooks currently free for members to download, in ePub format, for Apple and Android ebook readers, or Mobi format, for Amazon Kindle ebook readers.

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Craft Your Path To Success

The Business of Making Money Making Arts and Crafts

Many people dream of setting up their own business and earning a living as an artist, designer or craft maker. This book aims to provide the reader with practical information regarding some of the issues involved in doing so. Written by one of the founders of UKCraftFairs, this book could inspire you to begin your own creative business and make money making arts and crafts. Topics covered include starting a business, managing finances, life work balance, customer service, pricing, marketing, sales and growing a business online.

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Island of Arts and Crafts

The Origins and Influence of The Arts and Crafts Movement

During the nineteenth century, the effects of the Industrial Revolution on how people lived and worked led to the emergence of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Today many people are also concerned about the impact of rapidly changing technology and seek a more sustainable and rewarding way of life. This book looks at the origins and influences of the Arts and Crafts Movement, which continues to inspire the work of artists, artisans and designers. There are descriptions of people and places of historic or contemporary interest. Other topics explored include; consumerism, minimalism, creativity and the work life balance.

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Grow Your Small Business Online

The Past, Present and Future

Millions of people would like to begin running their own business and each year many of them take the brave step of doing so. Having an effective online presence is now considered essential. However, many people lack an understanding of Internet technology, which could reduce their chances of success. This book aims to provide an overview of key information, that could benefit a business during the planning and implementation of an online strategy. Topics looked at include; the past, present and possible future of technology, website planning, content marketing, web design, digital marketing and eCommerce.

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How To Become Simply Creative

Developing Your Creative Thinking Skills

Creativity has been described as a spark or moment of sudden insight or realisation, which enables people to develop new ideas. It has been behind developments in the arts, sciences, technology and business. Some people consider creativity to be a rare gift, possessed by a talented few, but we can each develop creative skills and apply them in our own life. How To Become Simply Creative explores processes that you could use to develop your own creativity. The book can be read in less than an hour and is organised into short easy to follow sections.

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Craft Your Own Book

A Guide to Self-Publishing

Many people dream of writing a book, but most never do so. They might possess knowledge and experience that could provide content for a book, but lack confidence or decide it is something done by other people. Craft Your Own Book provides an overview of how you could write, publish, market and sell your own books. Self-publishing will require an investment of your time and effort, but could provide you with a sense of achievement and possible even an additional source of income.

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