Every business has a story to tell and across the world they are competing for the attention of potential customers. When a story is well told and finds its audience, it can spread and help a business grow.

About CraftBook - Content Writer

Each business is hoping to reach their target audience, by using words that will effectively engage with them. The words they use might tell a story about the people who work for the business, the products or services they sell and how they can benefit their customers. The words they use could be shaped by forces that built the business and made them what they are today. The words they use can influence how people think and feel about the business and their relationship with them. The words they use can shape past perception, present experience and future success.

My name is Paul Riley and I am a content writer. I developed the CraftBook website to showcase examples of content that I have written. You will find articles written by me and details of my self-published books. My work explores a variety of topics, including; arts and crafts, technology, sustainability, creativity and design.