Island of Arts and Crafts

The Origins and Influence of The Arts and Crafts Movement

The way in which people live and work is being transformed by technology, leaving many feeling uncertain about the future and their place in the world. Such concerns had their parallels in nineteenth century Britain, where the Arts and Crafts Movement emerged, in response to the effects of the Industrial Revolution. Island of Arts and Crafts explores the origins and growth of the movement, looking at some of the people and events involved.

The importance of physical and psychological well being is widely recognised, both on a personal level and because of the role that it plays in improving society. This movement sought to address such needs and build a society that would improve life for all classes, rather than only the wealthy few. The ideals the movement promoted influenced education, training and the provision of public services across the United Kingdom.

This is a short book, which could be read within a couple of hours, providing an introduction to the Arts and Crafts Movement and a brief overview of the ideals upon which it was founded. Supporters of the movement influenced the development of art and design across the world, helping to shape the society we live in today. The movement continues to inspire new generations of artists, designers, craft makers, town planners and architects.

Highlighted in this book are some places of interest you might be able to visit, that are related to the movement, or contemporary arts and crafts. It also explores human society and behaviour, consumerism, individual identity, finding a healthy work life balance, creativity and self expression. Reading this book might even inspire you to develop your own creative potential and improve the way in which you live and work.

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