Craft Your Path To Success

The Business of Making Money Making Arts and Crafts

If you currently practice an art or craft, it might provide you with a useful second income. You might enjoy a hobby which you have considered turning into a part-time or full-time business. Artists and craft makers are often self-employed and many of them will be working out of a studio or workshop, which could be located within their own home or a rented space. Rather than using their skills and creativity purely to earn money, they are often seeking the freedom to live and work as they choose.

To be successful, a business needs to provide a product or service for which there is sufficient customer demand. It needs to generate the sales needed to cover running costs and ideally leave a profit, which can be reinvested to encourage growth. Doing so can be difficult and will require an artist or craft maker to spend some time focusing on business related matters, or find someone who can take on such responsibilities, whilst they focus on their art or craft. However, they could still benefit from understanding what is involved.

Craft Your Path To Success book cover

Being aware of the various elements of running a business can give you greater confidence in your decision making processes. Having a clear sense of purpose, with well defined business objectives, can help you to focus upon what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Being able to recognise risks and opportunities can help you to adapt to changing circumstances and increase your prospects for success.

Reading Craft Your Path To Success could help you to learn:

How to start your own creative business

How to engage effectively with customers

How to price, market and sell your work

How to grow your business using the Internet

How to find your own path to success

Reading this book could help you on your journey from startup to building your own successful business. In addition to practical advice, it explores how we learn and using the creative process to improve your work. Each chapter covers a different topic and is separated into relevant sections. The book is easy to follow at your own pace and refer to as a guide on your path to making money making arts and crafts.

Author: Paul Riley

Category: Craft Business