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A Crowded Market Place

A Crowded Market Place

There are millions of books available online and in book stores around the world, in various formats. Readers can choose from a huge variety of fiction and non-fiction titles, which might be sold at full price, discounted or even free. You will therefore be competing with a vast number of other books, some written by well known and well established writers or celebrities. However, this should not put you off writing and publishing your own book, though you should do so with realistic expectations and having done what is necessary to improve your chances of success. Assuming that you have written a good book and that the quality of the published ebook or print book is excellent, you should put a sound marketing plan in place.

Perhaps one of the first things worth asking yourself when contemplating writing and publishing a book is your reason for doing so. As an artist or craft maker, you might be motivated by a wish to promote your work or enhance your reputation as an expert in the art or craft that you practice. There is also the natural human desire to find a sense of fulfilment by publishing a book, which other people can read and learn from. You might view writing a book as an additional income stream, a way of promoting courses or workshops that you run, or something that could lead to invitations to speak at events. Understanding what you hope to achieve can assist your decision making process and increase your chances of achieving some level of success.

Getting your book noticed and bought requires effective marketing skills, which many writers do not possess. Some writers might even consider a businesslike approach to the marketing of their work to be beneath their creative purity. However, regardless of how good your book is, if your potential readers are unaware of its existence they will not buy it. Ideally you should begin thinking about the marketing of your book before it is written, published and available for sale, so that you can put a marketing plan in place. Online you will find many services promising to make your book a success, for a fee, but before parting with your hard earned money, you should take some time to properly evaluate what they are offering. The reality is that most writers sell relatively few copies of their books and fewer still are able to earn a reasonable living from the proceeds of their writing work alone.

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