How You Can Live and Work More Creatively

Would you like to find ways of being more creative? Are there techniques that you could employ to begin thinking more creatively in your approach to work? Could you make changes to your daily routine that would leave your mind more receptive to new ideas and better able to innovate?

How You Can Live and Work More Creatively

The Creative Mind

Creativity often involves going against conventional forms of thinking and behaviour, as was the case for example with the artists during previous centuries who formed movements that changed the way that art represents the world. Although these people were often criticised for being unconventional and risked being rejected by wider society, if their work was deemed to be of sufficient quality and originality it was eventually celebrated.

The concept of the brilliant but eccentric artist or scientist, who rather than following mainstream thinking develops new ideas and inventions, is perhaps comparable to the shaman in older societies. Such men and women would go on a vision quest or journey of discovery and bring back wisdom that would benefit other members of their tribe. When we look at the Arts and Crafts Movement, this willingness to break established social and creative rules, in order to improve society, was reflected in the new ways of doing things that evolved in art, craft and architecture.

Encouraging Creative Thinking

Those wanting to live a more creative life, might try activities such as meditation to help them clear their mind of distractions and find greater clarity and focus. Others might prefer to take a walk in the park, away from the office or the studio, which can allow them to daydream and give the mind space to explore new ideas. Taking part in simple repetitive activities can have a similar effect and many people have reported coming up with life changing concepts and inventions when they were doing chores.

Finding yourself in an environment that you are not familiar with, or having new experiences, can increase your creativity. You could take a trip to an interesting place that you haven’t visited before, which might inspire ideas or a fresh approach to a problem that you are trying to solve. You could visit an art gallery or museum, watch a movie, read a book or attend a social event, where you might meet new people, with whom you can share, discuss and explore ideas.

Creativity requires time, and regardless of how successful an individual might be, they cannot create more time. You should therefore do what you can to reduce the amount of time that you waste on activities that do not benefit yourself, other people or the world around you. For example, you could be more selective in the television shows or movies that you watch, fight the compulsion to frequently check your mobile phone and only read books or magazines that you believe will enrich your mind.

You could organise your living space and wardrobe to ease decision making and plan regular journeys to work or shopping trips, so that they are less stressful, more enjoyable or more efficient. Limit your use of social media, avoid business meetings that you do not believe will be productive and only attend social events with people who you care about and want to spend time with. When reviewing each day, ask yourself if the time could have been better spent and if necessary adjust your plans and priorities.

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