Finding Success through Arts and Crafts Based Therapy

Do you feel disconnected from the real world and your sense of self? Do you wish you could find a greater sense of fulfilment in your life and work? Have you tried various approaches to achieving a greater sense of well-being, but not yet found something that works for you?

Finding Success through Arts and Crafts Based Therapy

Health and Wellness

Most people consider physical health and mental well being  to be of great importance. However, across the world millions are suffering from the effects of stress and ill health, as they struggle to cope with the demands of the modern world. Individuals can feel alienated from their true self and disconnected from the people and the world around them. Concern about the effects upon individuals and society, has led to the rise of wellness, as people search for methods of improving well being and quality of life.

Art and Craft Therapy

Rather than relying only on medicine, the physical, psychological and social health benefits of handmade arts and crafts, such as drawing, painting, knitting or pottery, have been recognised. Therapies using them are sometimes recommended. When practicing an art or craft as therapy, the individual should not worry about their level of skill, as it is the act of making something that is important, not the quality of the finished item.

Concentrating upon the physical and mental activity required to make something can free the mind from other pressures and fears, rather like techniques such as yoga and meditation. Arts and crafts can help to improve communication between people, as they are often able to represent thoughts or feelings that they might find it difficult to express in words, or which might have been long suppressed within them.

The creative process can relax our mind and body, whilst allowing us to safely explore our inner thoughts and feelings, or look outside at the world and people around us. The physical action of interacting with the tools and materials of an art or craft can help us to connect our mind and body in a holistic way. Learning a new skill can bring a sense of personal achievement, which can help to reduce depression, improve self image and boost confidence.

The process of making something requires us to focus our mind upon the task at hand. We can begin to notice details that we might normally fail to see. Such experiences can have a transformative effect upon people more accustomed to taking a purely rational approach to their work, which might be of a business, technical or scientific nature. Problems could be represented in symbolic form and those present encouraged to engage both the logical and creative side of their brains, so that both sides work together to develop a more flexible approach to improvising solutions.

The creative arts can strengthen links between our conscious and subconscious mind, where many original concepts first begin to form, resulting in fresh insights and innovations. Previously untapped potential could begin to emerge, as preconceived assumptions are put aside and improved observational skills allow new patterns and relationships to be perceived between different ideas and objects.

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