Live Better With Your Personal Mythology

Who am I and what is the purpose of my life is a question that people across the world have asked for thousands of years. Each of us at some point struggles with such thoughts, as we try to find a sense of self and a place where we can be happy and successful. You might have a vision of who you want to be and the life you want to live, but feel unable to overcome the box into which you have been put by the society within which you live.Continue reading

Making Sense of the World You Live In

How well do you understand other people? How well do you understand yourself? Have you ever asked yourself how other people see the world and what it means to them? Do you try to understand what motivates people to say or do something and struggle to find a reason that makes sense to you? Human beings are social beings and yet we spend much of our life failing to understand each other or ourselves.Continue reading

Make Your Life Better Through Minimalism

Do you feel overwhelmed by the many possessions that you have accumulated and the pressure to earn the money to buy yet more things? William Morris stated that everything we own should be either useful or beautiful. The ideas that he proposed more than one hundred years ago remain relevant to life in the twenty-first century, inspiring movements such as minimalism. They remind us to appreciate the quality of what we own, rather than focusing upon the quantity.Continue reading