How You Can Become More Creative

Do you want to be more creative? Creativity has led to innovations that have transformed the world and made some individuals and organisations hugely successful. Recognising this, many businesses place creativity at the top of the list of qualities that they look for in new employees.Continue reading

Education and Learning and Creative Success

Why do some people struggle to find success, while for others it can appear to be effortless? You might have asked yourself this question in relation to business, an artistic pursuit, academic career or craft. Rather than assuming creative success is beyond you, perhaps you need to find the right direction to travel and do so with sufficient purpose and focus.Continue reading

How You Can Live and Work More Creatively

Would you like to find ways of being more creative? Are there techniques that you could employ to begin thinking more creatively in your approach to work? Could you make changes to your daily routine that would leave your mind more receptive to new ideas and better able to innovate?Continue reading