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Art and Craft Business

Craft Your Path To Success
The Business of Making Money Making Arts and Crafts
Many people dream of setting up their own business and earning a living as an artist, designer or craft maker. This book aims to provide the reader with practical information regarding many of the issues involved in doing so. Written by one of the founders of UKCraftFairs, this book could inspire you to begin your own creative business and make money making arts and crafts. Topics covered include starting a business, managing finances, life work balance, customer service, pricing, marketing, sales and growing a business online.
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Art and Craft History

Island of Arts and Crafts
The Origins and Influence of The Arts and Crafts Movement
During the nineteenth century, the effects of the Industrial Revolution on how people lived and worked led to the emergence of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Today many people are also concerned about the impact of rapidly changing technology and seek a more sustainable and rewarding way of life. This book looks at the origins and influences of the Arts and Crafts Movement, which continues to inspire the work of artists, artisans and designers. There are descriptions of people and places of historic or contemporary interest. Other topics explored include; consumerism, minimalism, creativity and the work life balance.
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Art and Design

Design as Art
Bruno Munari was an Italian artist, designer and inventor whose work has influenced generations of people working in creative fields such as art, design and architecture. He was an important figure within the visual art movements of the twentieth century and helped to shape the way in which we perceive and represent the modern world. This book explores many of his ideas regarding topics including graphic design, industrial design, film and advertising. His innovative and inspirational ideas relating to the learning process, creativity and the aesthetics of objects people use each day, continue to be a source of inspiration.
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Candles and Soap

Making Candles
After receiving a candle making kit as a gift, Sarah Ditchfield developed her candle making skills and began selling her work. She has also run candle making workshops for family and friend groups, as well as team building activities for business clients. Her book contains a number of candle making projects using a variety of materials and techniques. It also looks at the decoration and packaging of candles, whether intended as gifts for family and friends or as items to be sold.
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Ceramics and Glass

The Complete Potter
The Complete Reference to Tools, Materials and Techniques for All Potters and Ceramicists
Steven Matheson has been a ceramic artist for many years and his work appears in private and museum collections in Europe and the United States. He has also taught art and design at University level and was one of the founders of a ceramics festival in Wales. His book looks at each stage of the pottery making process, from clay design and decoration to the kiln. There are step by step instructions and examples, with illustrations, providing a useful reference for both new and experienced potters.
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Flower Crafts

Flower Arranging
How to Arrange Flowers from your Florist and from your Garden
Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks are award winning florists who have worked for prestigious clients in London and New York. Their aim is to create arrangements which are theatrical, whilst remaining simple and classic. This book is intended to inspire the reader with easy to follow step by step guides to arranging flowers, whether they are going to decorate a home, or form a display at an event such as a wedding. There are illustrated examples of arrangements, along with tips on how to keep flowers looking fresh and beautiful for longer.
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Food Crafts

Painting Flowers on Cakes
Stephanie Weightman has been a guest at high profile events and run creative workshops. She applied her paper craft expertise to sugar craft and explored how convincing pictures could be painted onto cakes, using edible materials. Whether the finished cakes are intended as gifts, to be used at events such as weddings and anniversaries or sold to clients, the reader can learn how to decorate cakes with flowers. This book contains step by step guides for a number of projects, in which a wide range of flowers are painted onto a variety of cakes.
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Mastering Beadwork
Carol Cypher has based the instructions within this book upon the years of experience that she has acquired teaching bead working classes. Wether as a guide or reference book, the contents could be useful both for beginners and those seeking to improve their craft making skills. A range of techniques are explored and then used in projects to make items including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Readers can learn about basic stitches, such as bead crochet, daisy chain, spiral, vertical and horizontal netting. They might be inspired to create their own work, which could be kept for personal use, given as gifts or sold.
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Metal Work

Stamped Metal Jewelry
Creative Techniques and Designs for Making Custom Jewelry
Lisa Niven Kelly has taught metal stamping for a number of years. In this book she looks at the tools, materials and skills needed to complete a variety of projects, incorporating metal-smithing and wirework to make items such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Using metal stamps and silver blanks, metal jewellery could be personalised with words and designs, to make items for personal use, as gifts or to sell. In addition to the author, this book includes contributions from other artists and makers. Readers can learn a range of techniques, which might inspire them to create work of their own.
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The Modern Flower Painter
Anna Mason is an award winning self-taught artist, a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and teaches art. She grew up in the English countryside and her work is inspired by the natural world. This book provides step by step guides to floral water colour painting, from setting up a studio to creating detailed pictures. Whether you are a new or experienced artist, this book could both inform and inspire you with the confidence to practice and develop the skills needed to produce beautiful watercolour paintings. Book description text.
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Paper Crafts

Paper to Petal
75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand
Husband and wife team Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell run a business that has provided services, such as design and photography, to high profile clients. Within their book, readers will find illustrated guides to creating paper flowers, which could be used as colourful decorations for a wide range of occasions, along with a variety of ideas intended to inspire creativity. There are instructions and templates that show you how to make each petal, leaf and stem, which together can form a colourful paper floral display to brighten a room.
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The Art of Landscape Photography
Mark Bauer is an award winning landscape photographer and his pictures have appeared in a number of magazines. His book assumes a good understanding of the basic elements of photography and looks at some of the more technical aspects that will appeal to those who want to improve their skills. Thinking and feeling like an artist, who is able to communicate meaning through their work, involves developing an understanding of aesthetic design and composition. There is a focus in this book on the creative side of photography and producing landscape photographs which could be considered works of art.
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Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern
Fresh Techniques for Busy Quilters
Rather than using precise measurements and paper patterns, Jera Brandvig prefers to work with small pieces of fabric on batting blocks. Using this technique she aims to provide an easier and quicker way of making quilts, encouraging a more creative and improvised approach. Her illustrated book includes a number of projects and provides instructions, intended to show readers how to go about using this method, combining patchwork and quilting. The book looks at the supplies needed and compares her approach to quilting with more traditional methods.
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Woodland Craft
Ben Law appeared on a UK television programme, which featured the building of his woodland home in West Sussex. He is a woodsman, craft maker and writer, holds woodland management courses, teaches apprentices and runs an ecological-building business. His illustrated book provides instructions on how to make a wide range of items, such as chairs, baskets, fencing and brooms, using natural materials from woodlands. He provides information about the history of traditional crafts and the sustainable use of woodlands as part of a more ecologically friendly way of life.
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