How You Can Become More Creative

Do you want to be more creative? Creativity has led to innovations that have transformed the world and made some individuals and organisations hugely successful. Recognising this, many businesses place creativity at the top of the list of qualities that they look for in new employees.Continue reading

Live Better With Your Personal Mythology

Who am I and what is the purpose of my life is a question that people across the world have asked for thousands of years. Each of us at some point struggles with such thoughts, as we try to find a sense of self and a place where we can be happy and successful. You might have a vision of who you want to be and the life you want to live, but feel unable to overcome the box into which you have been put by the society within which you live.Continue reading

Living and Working With Artificial Intelligence

Are you afraid of thinking machines and what they might do to the world? There is much discussion among computer scientists about the potential opportunities and threats of artificial intelligence and robots. We cannot know for certain what will happen during the decades and centuries ahead. However, the use of artificial intelligence is now a daily reality and effects the lives of billions of people across the world.Continue reading

Making Sense of the World You Live In

How well do you understand other people? How well do you understand yourself? Have you ever asked yourself how other people see the world and what it means to them? Do you try to understand what motivates people to say or do something and struggle to find a reason that makes sense to you? Human beings are social beings and yet we spend much of our life failing to understand each other or ourselves.Continue reading

Education and Learning and Creative Success

Why do some people struggle to find success, while for others it can appear to be effortless? You might have asked yourself this question in relation to business, an artistic pursuit, academic career or craft. Rather than assuming creative success is beyond you, perhaps you need to find the right direction to travel and do so with sufficient purpose and focus.Continue reading

Voice Search and Finding Your Business Online

Are you worried that potential customers might not be finding your business online, when they search for something that you provide? Everyone wants to appear at the top of the search results, but many remain ignored in the mass of results. As a business owner you invest time and money into your online presence, so that customers will find you and buy your products or services when they search online.Continue reading

Can We Become Sustainable Consumers?

When you think about the future and the well being of your family, you are probably concerned like most of us about pollution and climate change and the need for us all to be more sustainable consumers. Like most of us you are probably also trying to cope with the challenges of daily life and find precious time to be with the people you care about and do the things that you enjoy.Continue reading

Why Projects Fail and How You Can Save Them

Have you ever begun a new project or commission filled with optimism and excitement, only to be left weeks or months later feeling overwhelmed, stressed and worried that you might fail. Welcome to a reality that most of us have experienced when working on complex projects and which you might be struggling through now.Continue reading

Predicting The Future of Technology

When you imagine the future are you hopeful or fearful? Movies and books have described our future world in both optimistic and pessimistic terms. We are living in a world that would have appeared like science fiction to previous generations and the next few decades is likely to see our world transformed still further by changing technology.Continue reading